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Get Business Software That Has You Covered, Now and in the Future 

Is your small business or midsize enterprise looking for a comprehensive cloud solution providing the functions you want – at an affordable price? Consider how SAP Business ByDesign, an integrated solution available in the cloud, combines your essential business areas – including marketing, HR, and procurement – in a comprehensive, standardized environment.

With its end-to-end integration, SAP Business ByDesign combines your essential business areas – including marketing, HR, and procurement – in a comprehensive, standardized solution environment. So, you can manage your company’s key processes with a high degree of precision. Meanwhile, the solution also provides the flexibility you need to adapt, enhance, and expand your business areas quickly.

Gain Extensive Insights into Your Small or Midsize Company

Built-in analytics functions in SAP Business ByDesign, combined with SAP HANA, can provide a 360-degree view of your business areas. You can see where your company needs to adapt and improve. Then you can use tools to quickly make adjustments that can provide an edge over your competition.

With all of your business processes integrated and fully transparent, you can lower costs while maintaining an overview of your entire organization.

With SAP Business ByDesign, your company can quickly start enjoying the benefits such as:

  • An integrated IT landscape that facilitates rapid implementation at a reasonable cost
  • Adaptation to new industry demands and activities without business disruption
  • Ability to take quick action on market trends and opportunities through more transparency across business areas
  • Fast, efficient adaptation and expansion of business processes without additional, costly IT support


  • Optimize financial processes, including financial accounting and cash flow management
  • Focus on your customers in marketing, sales and distribution, and service
  • Promote and use employee potential through organizational management, HR activities, and employee self-services
  • Integrate production and logistics in supply chain structuring, planning, and management and manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics
  • Adopt a systematic project approach through efficient project management
  • Implement intelligent purchasing support through strategic purchasing and operational purchasing
  • Fulfill compliance with applicable laws and standards
  • Achieve your company’s goals through corporate performance management

SAP Business ByDesign resolves challenges as your business grows through better insights to speed up decisions and actions – while integrating and simplifying processes.

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Solution Brief SAP Business ByDesign

Key challenges for mid-market organizations in the digital world

  • Business Processes : Inconsistent, no best practices, no corporate standard
  • IT Cost and Speed : Limited resources, inexperienced people, time and cost to implement
  • Control & Governance : More diverse operations, more disparity, less control and financial consistency
  • Visibility : Increased global operations, incompatible applications, limited sharing
  • Risk : New government, new laws, new languages, new customers, new employees