Business Process Consulting


Vanguard business process consulting service seeks to examine and identify the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s processes. Through the examinations, we provide professional recommendations to deliver the highest quality goods and services in the most efficient manner possible, optimizing productivity.

Our consultants have helped companies to improve execution and meet the needs of customers through innovation to better measure and monitor processes. Ultimately, we drive to generate cost saving strategy accompanied by innovation to maximize growth.

ERP Implementation


Ensuring the ERP solution investment delivers full value to your business takes more than just installing the software. Each step taken in ERP implementation are equally important. No matter its SAP or any other major ERP packages, the solutions Vanguard  supply are the core system of all business operations; supplying information wherever it is needed and driving efficiencies, cost reduction and process automation throughout the organisation.

Regardless of the scope of your ERP project, Vanguard  is there to support:

Project Management, system specification and scoping

System design, technical and application management

Installation, configuration and infrastructure optimisation

Risk assessment, and troubleshooting

System and User Acceptance Testing

Implementation Documentation

End-User Training and ‘Go-Live’ Support

Customisation Services

Our experienced consultants are there to reduce all risks. We provide an accurate cost estimation and deliver a quality implementation on-time and on-specification.



Vanguard support service is available via customer support portal, email or phone during working hours. When raising an issue, please supply as much information as possible, especially error messages and any other information you think may be relevant. The more information we have the easier and faster it will be for us to identify the problem and resolve the issue for you. Please choose the most convenient method for contacting us to respond to your request.

Partner Services

As a partner service provider, our objective is to help our partners to deliver reliable quality services, with predictable and efficient cost. To help our partners lower their investment in resource they will need for keeping up with the latest technology, and deep knowledge required for vertical solutions and add-on.

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